Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector Shoulder Waist Support Belt Body Back Relieve Pain for Unisex


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Product Description:

• Support Back Brace Posture Corrector with 10 magnetic

• Stop slumping shoulders and curb back pain with the supportive and adjustable Support Back Brace Posture Corrector.

• This design is part back brace, part posture corrector and all about proper spine alignment. • It is popular option for people that suffer from back pain along with poor posture.

• It gently pulls back the shoulders the neck and head are straightened while aligning the spine.

• Combined with the adjustable straps, it’s easy to find the right configuration that is both comfortable and beneficial for your posture.

• If you have back pain due to your occupation or posture habits, this posture corrector with back brace is a huge help.

• Provides support and warmth to relieve pain. • The lightweight design gives the user complete freedom of movement.

• Breathable fabric material, which is durable and comfortable for you to wear • Enables the wearer to use the support hidden under clothing.

• The brace offers soft protective padding for the clavicle to stabilize area.

• Easy to wear and gives no discomfort. • Make you stand taller and straighter.

• Also fit for office workers, car drivers, manual workers and motorcycle workers.

• Health products for men and women bodybuilding, you can wear it under daily clothing.

• Color: Black

Size Chart:

• 【S】Size: Waist: 85 – 100 CM

• 【M】Size: Waist : 90 – 105 CM

• 【L】Size: Waist: 95 – 110 CM

• 【XL】Size: Waist: 100 – 115 CM

• 【XXL】Size: Waist: 105 – 120 CM

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Weight 0.8 kg

M, L, XL


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